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Documenting life stories for families and communities

life-story video documentation

life-story video documentation -
An empowering gift that says thank you to a wonderful generation

A person who has documented his story feels complete. As the family watches his story on screen, grandpa is once again the protagonist, he passed on his roots and heritage in his words,  through his voice and smile.

As a social worker and documentarist for seniors, I've been privileged to document over 100  individuals, couples and communities.

It's an attentive process results in a live product-  a video for future generations. Your gift  is my mission!

life-story video documentation

A unique gift for the whole family - documenting the story of your loved ones' lives

Our senior family members carry fascinating life stories, so there is no greater gift than hearing their life experiences. For them and for us, documenting their memories is very meaningful as their memory will be preserved for future generations.

  • Production of a personal/couple film about their life journey.

  • A video combining photos and greeting from family members.

  • Transcribing the film into a book - the perfect gift.

  • Documentation in ANY life situations, possible on Zoom.

Documentation in a community or group setting in the locality, day club, sheltered housing

The wonderful generation who founded this country are given the opportunity to film and share their journey along with their friends, and discover new-old connections.

  • A cohesive group workshop for multi-participant documentation.

  • A personal documentation with the participation of the significant audience.

  • Community film - veterans telling their story of founding a settlement.

Documentation in a community
Our parents and grandparents have a unique and exciting life story. Preserve it as a gift of a living heritage through attentive and empowering documentation meeting.

Contact Yoav at 052-3246073 or via WhatsApp
and we'll start documenting the exciting stories of grandparents

Success! we'll be in touch shortly.

Time is now

Who knows how long we'll have with our loved ones? Of all the gifts you can give Grandpa or Grandma this year - documenting their life story on video will be the most significant. Don't wait for it to be too late ...

Live memory for generations

Making family heritage accessible to future generations - in voice, smile and look. There is nothing more exciting than watching life stories of your loved ones together, today and for years to come.

Sensitive Documentation

It's important to hear the story of our loved ones with sensitivity, open heart and empathy. I bring my knowledge and experience as a social worker for the third age to each session.

A significant process

With the experience of over 100 life video sessions I know how valued the narrator feels when they are at the front of the stage. Give the elders a significant gift.

life story Documentation

Yoav Arnoni B.S.W

I am a documentarist and social worker for the elderly. My mission is Documenting the older generation with sensitivity, love and a sense of mission, understanding that there is a unique and historical generation here, that now is the time to thank them.

From my experience - a correct process of sharing their life story benefits the person inwardly, it fills with a sense of satisfaction and value. Our will to hear and perpetuate, gives parents and grandparents a sense of value and meaning, knowing we'll remember them for years to come - at the push of a button.

It has been a privilege for me to connect between he generations - These are the true forces of life .

"Our parents have a unique and exciting life story, save it for future generations as a legacy through live documentation"

Recommendations of participants

Dear Yoav, Thank you for helping me fly and dive into the depths of my soul. There is no doubt that your smile and embracing personality made the journey easier.  


Shoshi Wagner - The heroine of "WhatsApp Grandma" - A film combining family videos for her birthday.

Among our clients

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